H99999 Blackbeard Sword and Pistol Jolly Roger Cardboard Cutout Standee Standup

H99999 Blackbeard Sword and Pistol Jolly Roger Cardboard Cutout Standee Standup

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model number: H99999


  • Cardboard Cutout
  • TOP QUALITY CUTOUTS - Are printed using nothing but the best materials and printing methods to make them look real.
  • LIFE SIZE CARDBOARD CUTOUT - Be surprised by the celebrity cutout life size in a high definition print, arrived in your dining room, living room or entrance area to make a lot of fun! Proudly manufactured in the USA, professionally designed and printed this lifesize cutout will be a huge hit to any birthday or graduation party.
  • NO WRINKLES ON ARRIVAL - We make sure to get your life size standee photo print in a perfect condition, as we make sure to safely pack the cardboard cutout. Easy to assemble and can be used multiple times.
  • AT LIFESIZE CUSTOM CUTOUTS - We have an unbelievable range of Celebrities, Historical Figures, Animals, etc to suit every occasion. Our cutouts really enhance an event, to bring humour, as a practical joke or for photo-opportunities. And they make fantastic gifts as well.

Details: Cardboard cutout of Captain Blackbeard, the notorious pirate. His holding a cutlass sword and a pistol. He's also prepared with 2 more pistols and another sword at his side. He was an Englishman who operated around the eastern coast of Britain's North American colonies and the West Indies. He became a heavy inspiration, a posterchild if you will, for the common pirate theme in fantasy. Dimensions are 92x37 inches

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